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The free - online planner is a 3D online kitchen planner that can help you plan your kitchen. It is an easy to use software that runs problem-free and without any downloads on your computer.

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    Reading the introductory text and notes will lead you smoothly through our virtual kitchen planner. You are provided with many planning options to make the dream of the perfect kitchen come true: the layout can be chosen freely. Whether you are planning a kitchenette, an L-shaped, U-shaped or a G-shaped kitchen with a counter, it's up to you. The kitchen door and the kitchen windows can be placed anywhere.

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    Your kitchen dream already starts with the wide variety of kitchen furniture available: The floor unis are available in two cabinet heights, while there are four different cabinet heights available for tall cupboards and wall units. In addition to that there are equipment cabinets, e.g. tall cupboards for a refrigerator or a baking oven, cabinets for sinks or a cooking area, and also stainless steel stand-alone refrigerators.

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    After choosing the furniture, you can get creative with your kitchen's design. There is a vast variety of designs, colors and kitchen materials: Design a wooden kitchen, country house kitchen, contemporary designer kitchen, high-luster kitchen or classic kitchen – the fitting fronts are available in various colors.

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    You can have a 3D view of your kitchen when you get to menu item 5. Here you can choose the position of the camera and have a contemplative look at your kitchen, which you can also print out. A top-view is also possible, as the 3D kitchen planner provides you with a bird's eye view.

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    Beyond that, you can contact a nearby dealer by clicking a button: Ask a nearby kitchen expert questions about your kitchen planning, make a consultation appointment with a nearby expert or ask for a proposal regarding your kitchen planning.

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